6 Places to Visit for Summer Vacation Fun on Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Looking for something fun to do this summer with the kids? Bring them down to the Cayman Islands! Next to the calm blue waters and the soft white sand, there’s plenty to do to keep the whole family entertained. We’ve compiled a list of our 6 favorites here. 

An absolute MUST. Ranked #1 Attraction in Cayman by travelers on TripAdvisor. Sitting in the clear waters of the Caribbean, are several sand bars where the Southern Stingray likes to be social. Kids of all ages, love to pet and swim with these majestic creatures of the sea. You could very well find yourself surrounded by dozens of these friendly stingrays when going on a trip. There are several companies that plan these trips,so please check out www.caymanislands.ky to learn more. The pictures below (courtesy of our friend Ellen Cuylaerts) show you what fun swimming with the stingrays can be! Imagine yourself here now! 
Bonus Tip: Kissing a stingray gives you 7 years of good luck! Now, who wouldn’t want some of that?

2. PEDRO ST. JAMES CASTLE:A piece of historic Cayman that shouldn’t be missed. This late 18th century has a multitude of stories that it can tell. From it’s construction by an wealthy Englishman to horrific hurricanes, lightning strikes & fires, your family will learn all about the past of this “Great House”. Explore the 7 acres of lush gardens, visit the Pedro Theater or enjoy the panoramic views of the Caribbean! Bonus Tip: Opt for the guided tour with a direct descendant of William Eden, the man who built it in 1780!

3. RUM POINT:Don’t let the name fool you! This enchanting beach has something for everyone’s Caribbean getaway! Shallow tranquil water extends out 25 feet from the beach for the kids to play, swim & snorkel. And don’t fear, there are several Caribbean watersport operators to choose from for the adults to play, too! Rum Point Beach offers changing rooms, showers, huts, hammocks, volleyball & much more so you won’t want to leave! After a day of fun in the sun, relax with a drink & good food from some of Cayman’s best bars & restaurants. Bonus Tip: For the adults – try a Mudslide & relax in a hammock. After all, it is hard work to do all this vacationing, right?

4. STARFISH POINT:A few miles South West of Rum Point, is where all the “stars” hang out…starfish that is. Welcome to Starfish Point (Ivory Kai Beach). The whole family will have fun hunting for the big orange cushion starfish that like this spot to “sun” themselves. This beach also is a great place for a nice picnic lunch or to view one of Cayman’s beautiful sunsets. Directions to this star-studded beach can be tricky. Make sure you ask around what the best way to get here is.
Bonus Tip: Remember the starfish ARE living sea creatures. Please handle them carefully and leave them in their natural environment.

5. BIOLUMINESCENT TOURS provided by Cayman Kayaks:What is Bioluminescent? It is the light omitted from a living organism (like fireflies), but in the sea it takes on a whole new meaning and experience. Take a kayak tour in Cayman’s own Bio Bay at Rum Point. Experience seeing this amazing natural phenomena that with every stroke of your paddle or hand a glowing swirl of blue light will appear. Watch as marine life lights up their paths like shooting stars in the water. It will be an adventure you won’t soon forget! 
Bonus Tip: It is highly suggested that no bug spray with the chemical DEET be used as it kills the bioluminescent microorganisms on contact. Also, leave your cameras on land. The light from the screen and/or flash distracts from the beauty of the light in the water. Take “mental pictures” to last a lifetime!

6. SEVEN MILE BEACH:Yes, we are partial to Seven Mile Beach because this is where we’re located, but this is also one of the most well known beaches in the Cayman Islands! It was even named one of the “Ultimate Beaches” by Caribbean Travel + Life. Once you’ve stepped on to the soft, white sand & experience the tranquil crystal clear water you’ll know why travelers flock to this location time and time again! Not to mention, water activities are plentiful here. The Kittiwake is a new dive attraction (sunk in 2011) & right off Seven Mile Beach. The ship offers 5 decks to view the marine life in the Caribbean – perfect for snorkeling or diving! Parasailing, swimming, paddle boarding, kayaking or just relaxing in the warm sun are just a few more activities your entire family will enjoy while vacationing here.
Bonus Tip: There are many resorts, hotels and condos located on Seven Mile Beach with private beaches (we’re one!), but there is also a public beach for those who stay more inland. It offers beachgoers cabanas, restrooms, showers & a playground!


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