How to Prevent Fogging in Your Snorkel Mask

It can be frustrating while diving here in Grand Cayman to be in the midst of amazing marine life with a foggy view. It is much easier to enjoy a snorkel dive with a clear mask! Fortunately, it is pretty easy to get your mask back to a crystal clear state.

From our friends at Tropical Snorkeling, here are some easy steps to follow that will keep your snorkel mask from fogging:

  • Clean your mask often, and then don’t touch it inside. Clean it with toothpaste, and a toothbrush, not your finger. Apply a small amount of toothpaste, and scrub it in hot water. Rinse it completely in hot water. Do this often. (If your lens is not glass, use dish soap and a very soft brush or wash cloth so you don’t scratch the plastic.)
  • Use anti-fog every time you snorkel. The cheapest and easiest is a very mild solution of baby shampoo and water, or you can buy an anti-fog product. Spray it in your mask and swish it around thoroughly so it touches every surface of the glass. DO NOT RUB IT AROUND WITH YOUR FINGERS! Your fingers are oily and dirty. Then rinse your mask ONCE quickly with either fresh or salt water. (We use 10-12 drops of baby shampoo mixed with water in a 2 ounce spray bottle.)
  • Then, put it on your face quickly. Shake out any water drops before putting it on. Try to have a relatively dry face. Once the mask is on with a good seal, try to keep from removing it and allowing moisture to enter. Try not to clear the mask by breathing inside of it unless you must (that adds moisture). We enter the water with a dry mask, over a dry face, and do not take that mask off at all during the snorkel, if possible. And it works.
  • If all else fails and you are out on the water with a foggy mask, remove it, spit in it, shake the mask around to coat the glass (don’t rub it with your fingers), dump it out, and put it back on, this will generally fix the problem. If you don’t have a lot of spit, dilute it with a small amount of salt water to coat the glass.
  • If this process does not work for you, then you may need to have your mask burned at a dive shop. Sometimes new masks come with a coating on the glass that must be removed with fire. After that, this process should work great for you.

If you are not yet comfortable with your snorkel gear, but you really want to try it – take advantage of the heated swimming pool here at Harbour Heights. You can start off in the shallow area of the pool and adjust your mask and tube. Try a few laps around the pool with your gear on before heading out to try it in the sea. Getting comfortable with your gear will give you confidence for your first snorkel dive here in Grand Cayman. It is fun for all ages!


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