Stingray City

Where the stingrays come to play

As you stand in the crystal clear water at Stingray City, you will be surrounded by dozens of tame Atlantic southern stingrays. Pick from several Stingray City excursions that do half-day or full-day trips on comfortable boats with lots of shade and easy access into the water.

Nearby, there is also snorkeling along beautiful coral reefs where you will see fantastic coral displays and many tropical fish. It isn’t necessary to have snorkeling gear to see the stingrays but it helps when you want to view them underwater.

Locals say that the stingrays began to gather in the North Sound on shallow sand bars in the late 1980’s when fishermen cleaned their fish in the area. The stingrays would come to eat the fish scraps. Normally, stingrays are quite shy, but they would come close to the boats to get the scraps. Later, divers began feeding the fish, and soon after they became accustomed to hearing the boats, and would come for a free meal. The rest is history. The location became known as Stingray City and thousands of visitors have been going there ever since.

Because the stingrays are on shallow sandbars, you will stand in only four feet of water, and they will swim all around you. Or you can stay on the boat and still get a good view. Make your already wonderful vacation at Harbour Heights even more wonderful with a trip to Stingray City.

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