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Why is the sand on Seven Mile Beach so white?

If you have been to other beaches you will see that our sand is very white. In Hawaii, there are black sand beaches. In Bermuda, there are pink sand beaches. Along the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, the sand is more Read more

How to Prevent Fogging in Your Snorkel Mask

It can be frustrating while diving here in Grand Cayman to be in the midst of amazing marine life with a foggy view. It is much easier to enjoy a snorkel dive with a clear mask! Fortunately, it is prettyread more Read more

Jack Augsbury, Divemaster and Underwater Photographer

For those of you who follow our Harbour Heights facebook page, you recognize the name Jack Augsbury. When Jack is on island, he is diving every chance he gets. Jack sends out an email every day showing his followers theread more Read more

The Cayman Islands

Most say they are visiting Cayman Island when referring to our tropical vacation destination on Seven Mile Beach. In reality, the Cayman Islands represent a three-island group; Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman. The Cayman Islands are a Britishread more Read more


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