New recycling program at Harbour Heights

Dear Guests & Owners,

We are thrilled to advise you that Harbour Heights is now recycling!!!

We have four bright blue recycle bins for Paper/Cardboard, Metal/cans, Plastics, and Glass.

The bins are located inside the fenced area surrounding our garbage dumpster in the North parking lot, and are labeled for your convenience.

Please follow the directions on the signs – ie: no items inside bags, all itmes to be clean & broken down as instructed.

These bins will be collected & replaced every Sunday.

Please help us do our part to preserve our beautiful island & the world!!

Thank you!


Harbour Heights
1453 West Bay Road
Seven Mile Beach
Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
410-720-9399 (US)
345-945-4295 (Cayman)