Bob & Jean Kirkpatrick

Harbour Heights Guests for 41 years

Bob & Jean Kirkpatrick have been coming to Harbour Heights as guests for 41 years!! This is half of Jean’s life!! (she is 82!). Thank you Bob & Jean for spending the years with us!

The Turtles have Hatched! – See Video

Harbour Heights is happy to announce we had 26 baby turtles hatch & make their way to the Sea on Saturday night! We’re so excited to have been able to partner with Cayman Turtle Centre and witness this amazing process. […]
baby sea turtle crawling on sandy beach

Turtle eggs have been planted!

The eggs were planted and we’re anxiously awaiting the hatching. This should happen sometime in the next couple of days – we’ll have pictures up as soon as they hatch!

See Turtle Conservation in Action!

Harbour Heights is proud to be a host for a turtle nest implantation on Friday, June 7th! Eggs will be trans-located to the new nest, and you can sign up for updates and alerts so you don’t miss the hatching. […]

New recycling program at Harbour Heights

Dear Guests & Owners, We are thrilled to advise you that Harbour Heights is now recycling!!! We have four bright blue recycle bins for Paper/Cardboard, Metal/cans, Plastics, and Glass. The bins are located inside the fenced area surrounding our garbage […]

Cayman Island Scuba Diving & Snorkeling

Check out what awaits you below the surface Grand Cayman snorkeling and diving is the best in the Caribbean for the beginner or experienced diver. With more than 40 dive operators and almost 360 dive sites marked with moorings, adventurers […]

Returning Visits

Once you visit our Cayman Island Condo Vacation Rentals… You’ll want to come back! Our Returning guests are like family to us! From all over the US and Canada, our guests are part of why Harbour Heights is so special! […]

Couples Getaways in Grand Cayman

The perfect spot for couples to get away in the Cayman Islands Honeymoon, anniversary or just a much needed getaway with friends? Harbour Heights condos are perfect for one couple (we have a two person rate) or two couples. Additionaly […]

Why a Harbour Heights Condo?

Cayman Island Condo Rental vs. Local Hotels Why choose Harbour Heights, a Cayman Island Condo rental for your vacation on Grand Cayman? Over the years our guests have preferred staying at Harbour Heights as opposed to selecting a Grand Cayman […]

Girlfriend Getaway at Harbour Heights: We had a BLAST, it was PERFECT!!!

In March I was recently down in Grand Cayman with a group of girlfriends. It was a five day girls get-away. We were celebrating a close friend’s milestone birthday. It could not have been more perfect!!! We rented two side […]

Beautiful Seven Mile Beach

Seven Mile Beach Condo Rentals From Harbour Heights, a 15 minute barefoot stroll heading south on Seven Mile Beach provides a glimpse of some of the island’s finest hotels -The Westin, and the Ritz-Carlton. You can people watch, get a […]

Winter at Harbour Heights?

No, this is not snow and ice – we have not been hit by a rogue storm. Our grounds continue to be lush and green. Sheryl Lazenby, a photographer friend of ours, was visiting on holiday last year. She brought […]

Why is the sand on Seven Mile Beach so white?

If you have been to other beaches you will see that our sand is very white. In Hawaii, there are black sand beaches. In Bermuda, there are pink sand beaches. Along the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, the sand is tan. […]

6 Places to Visit for Summer Vacation Fun on Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Looking for something fun to do this summer with the kids? Bring them down to the Cayman Islands! Next to the calm blue waters and the soft white sand, there’s plenty to do to keep the whole family entertained. We’ve […]

Christel Ibsen: Harbour Heights’ Very Own International Artist

“My paintings evolve from working in the creative fields of photography and filmmaking, both of which serve as important tools for my canvasses. As a photographer, my camera allows me to freeze time itself.  Framing my subject, I wait for […]


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