Why is the sand on Seven Mile Beach so white?

If you have been to other beaches you will see that our sand is very white. In Hawaii, there are black sand beaches. In Bermuda, there are pink sand beaches. Along the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, the sand is tan. Why is this?

If you look closely at the edges of our surf where the waves meet the beach, you will find a vast amount of coral in various shapes and sizes and small shells as well. The motion of the water carrying the coral and shells to the beach eventually breaks them down into very small grains. Those grains get deposited onto shore and over time, become our beach!

Our Seven Mile Beach is enjoyed by everyone who visits us here in the Caymans, and is world-famous. It is interesting to note that ALL beaches on the Cayman Islands are public up to the high water mark, including beaches in front of our resorts. When driving around our island, look for “Beach Access” signs as you drive. Park the car and take a short stroll from the parking lot to the beach – don’t forget your snorkel gear!


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